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Renault announces the manufacturing of Kwid in Brazil

Renault announces the manufacturing of Kwid in Brazil
  • Developed in Brazil on a global platform, the new model will be produced in Renault’s Ayrton Senna Industrial Complex in Curitiba
  • The Brazilian Kwid has been adapted by Renault Technology Americas (RTA) and Renault Design Latin America (RDLA)
The new Renault Kwid will be assembled in Brazil by Ayrton Senna industrial complex in Sao José dos Pinhais (state of Parana). This version of Kwid was specially adapted by Renault Technology Americas, which is one of the seven Renault strategic engineering centers across the world. It is established at Brazilian plant. 

The new Kwid has also benefited from the expertise of Renault Design Latin America (RDLA), one of the five Renault strategic design centers, established in São Paulo. Both of them worked on the interior and exterior design.
The Ayrton Senna Complex opened in 1998, one year after the founding of Renault do Brasil, the Group's Brazilian subsidiary. The Curitiba site includes:
  • CVP: a passenger car plant (bodywork and assembly) ;
  • CMO: an engine plant, Mecanica Mercosul, opened in 1999 ;
  • CVU: an LCV plant, opened in 2000 and run with Nissan as part of the Alliance.
The Curitiba plant manages the pressing, body assembly, paint work and final assembly of vehicles prior to their distribution through the Renault network.
The main vehicles built on the two production lines are Logan, Sandero, Duster, Duster Oroch and Master.

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