Renault-Nissan Alliance Team

Renault and Nissan partner with NUMA to launch CityMakers

Groupe Renault and Nissan have announced a partnership with NUMA, a leading startup accelerator, to launch CityMakers in partnership with AXA, RCI Bank and Services and the City of Paris.
CityMakers is a 10-month open innovation program aiming to develop innovative urban mobility solutions by bringing together startups, experts, public and private stakeholders.



The program partners will select seven startups to work on the following transportation-related challenges:
• How to offer fun, interactive and immersive information to passengers in a vehicle?
• How to simplify the use of different means of transport while travelling in Ile-de-France?
• How to promote the deployment of electric vehicles and their infrastructure in urban areas?
• How can mobility services be improved or created thanks to the data generated by unused cars?
• How to use car data to provide a predictive road maintenance tool?
• How do you ensure the income of someone sharing your vehicle on a platform while integrating mobility services? 
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