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Production of new Nissan Micra at Renault Flins plant reflects strength of the Alliance

Production of new Nissan Micra at Renault Flins plant reflects strength of the Alliance
Production of the all-new Nissan Micra has begun at the Renault plant at Flins, France, on the same line as the Renault Clio and Renault ZOE.
This cross-production of vehicles on the same production line is creating significant manufacturing synergies for the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and related benefits for our customers.
Following the production of the Nissan Rogue at the Renault Samsung Motors Busan plant in South Korea, this latest example illustrates how the Alliance strategy benefits both Renault and Nissan.
The Flins plant presented a great opportunity to bring Micra production back to the home of the B-segment hatchback. Micra is now manufactured in Europe for European customers. The move ensures faster delivery and improved access to the small car for European customers, and allows Nissan to capitalize on the plant’s expertise in building high quality B-segment hatchbacks.
The latest generation of the Micra will also be the first B-segment vehicle using the Alliance’s Common Module Family architecture system. CMF allows the company to build a wider range of vehicles from a smaller pool of parts, resulting in more savings and greater value for customers.
Nissan’s first CMF vehicles include the Nissan X-Trail (multiple plants worldwide), Nissan Rogue (Tennessee, USA, and Busan, South Korea), and Nissan Qashqai (Sunderland, UK), all built on the CMF-C/D architecture. Renault’s first CMF-C/D vehicles are the new Espace, Kadjar, Megane, Scenic and Talisman.
In 2015, Renault began selling the Kwid in India, the first Alliance model built on the CMF-A architecture. Nissan launched the Datsun redi-GO on that architecture in India last April.
For the entire Nissan press release, please click here
For the French blog post, pleace click here

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