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Nissan vice chairman: We must use technology to overcome challenges

Nissan vice chairman: We must use technology to overcome challenges
Speaking to Alliance TV on the sidelines of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Toshiyuki Shiga, vice chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., said that the world must continue to look to new technologies as a way to overcome challenges.
Commenting on the autonomous car, he said he envisages a future in which the automotive industry can improve safety while continuing to build on environmentally-friendly technologies. “This will completely change the automotive industry,” he said.
With the world economy in better shape today compared with the global financial crisis in 2008, he added that he hoped environmental issues will once again rise to the top of the agenda for businesses. “After the financial crisis, we prioritized the economy over environmental issues,” he said. “Now the macro economy seems to better, and I really hope the environment rises to the fore again. These are very important issues.”
Shiga said the planned rise in Japan’s consumption tax from five to eight per cent means that all industries must continue to seek innovative solutions to foster the burgeoning, yet fragile, recovery.
The World Economic Forum in Davos is being held from Jan. 22-25 under the theme “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business.”
Click here to watch Toshiyuki Shiga's interview
We’ll be back soon with more updates from Davos. Stay tuned!

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