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Living the green life

Living the green life

A sustainable test home with a Nissan LEAF to match!

Samantha and Fabrice Pastour and their two boys are living their green dream. As test tenants of Velux’s Maison Air & Lumière 2020 sustainable home project, they are also testing project partner Nissan’s LEAF in the role of family car.

Set in a residential Paris suburb, the airy model home was voted a Top 100 initiative by the 2012 Rio Earth Summit. It already surpasses EU 2020 sustainability and environmental standards.

Many windows and a glass roof over the dining/living area bring light and air to even the darkest corners. “I love eating under the sky!” chirps the littlest family member. Shade and privacy are addressed instantly when the home automation system senses glare or sunset.

And natural airflow cools and cross ventilates, making a huge difference for allergy-prone Samantha and her eldest son.

Energy design includes wood cladding, natural insulation and modular siting for best light and shade, with solar panels and energy-efficient Velux windows built into the pitched roof. The result is a positive energy balance–the house produces more than it consumes–and year-round thermal comfort. Energy and water-saving appliances, a real-time control screen, and a zero-emission LEAF complete the dream home’s test kit.

Maison Air et Lumière VELUX Model Home 2020, an innovative sustainable home project

The family loves electric LEAF’s clean, quiet, economical drive. Fabrice drives the sedan to and from his early shift on Paris’ public transport system. His co-workers are very keen. “And our seven-year-old adores plugging into the home charging station!” he shares.

Samantha uses LEAF to drive into Paris, run errands or chauffeur the boys to after-school activities. She’s still adjusting to all the attention: “I’ve even been stopped by the police who wanted to have a closer look and cull my impressions!” she laughs.

In their daily use, the couple has found how to gain range. Easing up on the accelerator on a downhill slope and keeping in-town speed to 30km/h are two of their tips. “I recently left home with a power charge of 100km. Upon my return five minutes later the meter showed I was good for 115!” boasts Samantha.

Can it get any better than this?

Photo credits: Adam Mørk - Architect: Nomade Architectes



Whole bunch of fluff!! I look at the picture of the car in the "garage" and say where is the garage door? Is it open all the time. Any type of bigger car is not going to fit in that little garage.
And yes, not driving fast and coasting down the hills will save a few minutes of life on the battery. Better hope they have a charging station somewhere in Paris just in case though.
Oh, and the government does not need to build the charging stations, don;t be using tax payer money for a commercial project.

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