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The Electric Highway gets switched on

The Electric Highway gets switched on

Fancy driving from Canada all the way down to the Mexico border without any tailpipe emissions? Well, before long, drivers in America will be able to do just that.

The first stage of the West Coast Electric Highway has been opened, giving drivers of electric vehicles a network of charging stations covering the southern Oregon corridor of the Interstate 5 highway.

Situated at roughly 25 mile/40 km intervals, the first eight charging stations were officially opened last week. Two further stations will be opened in the spring to cover a stretch of I-5 almost 300 miles/480 kms long.

Each location has two charging stations. There’s a DC fast charger capable of replenishing an exhausted battery in 30 minutes, and a medium speed charger which takes from four to six hours for a complete charge.

The next phase of the Electric Highway will see a further 24 chargers installed in Oregon and nine in Washington state by the end of the year. By the time the entire 1,381 mile/2,222 km long I-5 is electrified, EV drivers will be able to drive from Vancouver in British Columbia to San Diego in California without producing any tailpipe emissions.

Once enrolled with AeroVironment, the company operating the charging stations, EV owners will be given a key fob giving them access to all the chargers along the route. Best of all, for a limited time charging is free, so EV drivers can save money as well as the environment.

For more information go to: http://www.westcoastgreenhighway.com/


Photo: AeroVironment technicians tested the fast charger with a Nissan LEAF rented from Enterprise in Eugene. — at West Coast Electric Highway I-5 Exit 33.
Credits: Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition in Medford, Oregon



Having a network of charging stations would definitely make it much easier for owners of electric cars to charge their vehicles when they are travelling across that route in America. The lack of charging stations has been a major factor that is deterring more people to adopt hybrids or electrics. The electric car could gain even more support if more infrastructures like these are built. Thomas

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