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And the winner is... Nissan LEAF!

And the winner is... Nissan LEAF!

Nissan LEAF can’t stop winning awards. The latest comes from the Canadian Government, which has declared the world’s best- selling electric vehicle one of the winners of its 2013 ecoENERGY for Vehicles Awards.

Every year since 1999, Natural Resources Canada helps Canadians make more informed buying decisions by estimating the average annual cost of fuel for every car on sale to find the most efficient.
The awards are split into ten different categories – everything from Two-Seater and Subcompact to Large Van – with Nissan LEAF winning the Mid-Size category. 
For Nissan LEAF, it estimated that a typical owner would spend Canadian $506 a year on 4220 kWh of energy. 
As one litre of petrol contains the energy equivalent of 8.8 kWh of electricity, that’s equal to 474 litres of petrol… which is considerably less than the annual 1,760 litres used by the ‘worst’ of the conventionally-powered winners – the Pickup and Large Van.
And Nissan LEAF, of course, produces zero CO2 emissions where the conventionally powered pair pump out 4,048 kg a year each.
Nissan LEAF wasn’t the only electric vehicle among the winners. In fact, battery-powered cars won five of the ten categories with a sixth category won by a petrol-electric hybrid. It’s the first time battery cars have so dominated the Awards.
“Innovative technology that was once only found on engineering drawing boards is now in your local dealership showroom, making energy-efficient cars and trucks a greater reality,” said Canadian MP Mike Wallace. “Our Government is pleased to highlight this year’s award recipients, who demonstrate how innovation is transforming an industry while helping Canadians lower their fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Visit Natural Resources Canada official Website

Picture : Judy Wheeler, Director of Marketing at Nissan Canada Inc., and Canadian MP Mike Wallace at the 2013 ecoENERGY awards.


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